Learn About Lead Intoxication

Chronic lead poisoning is usually difficult to diagnose. Most of the lead is deposited deep in the tissues, that is in the brain, bone, liver, and kidneys. Symptoms are usually vague and chronic disease, especially of the kidneys, liver, and brain, is common.

Learn About Intestinal Parasites

Parastic infestation is an epidemic in the Western world. Intestinal parasites are perhaps the most common type. They create a wide range of symptoms and are a major cause of chronic digestive disorders. Parasites may also invade key organs, including the brain, eyes, liver, spleen, pancreas, and lungs. No organ is immune from their attack.

Learn About Estrogen Imbalance

This test is for women only. It aids in discovering an imbalance in estrogen production and/or metabolism. The treatment for estrogen imbalance is the same for both high and low levels, because the objective is to improve nutrition and normalize metabolism.

Learn About Chronic Viral Infestation

This self-test is a generalized grouping of symptoms and signs for educational purposes only. It is not meant as a medical diagnosis. However, the test is highly accurate for indicating the potential existence of chronic viral infestation, since chronic viral infections, regardless of the organism, are highly similar in their presentation.

Learn About Adrenal Collapse

The adrenal glands are organs specialized to help the body cope with stress. They also aid in the control of blood sugar, blood pressure, blood flow, and innumerable other functions. These glands are easily damaged as a result of stress, toxic chemical exposure, drug therapy, excessive alcohol/drug intake, and poor diet. When the adrenal glands malfunction, the body`s ability to …

Learn About Water

Water deficiency, that is dehydration, is one of the most common of all deficiencies. It occurs particularly in the elderly and in infants. It is also common in individuals suffering from chronic diseases and in those taking multiple medications.

Learn About Taurine

Taurine is a difficult nutrient to procure in the diet. Plus, it is readily destroyed by toxic chemicals as well as drugs. Individuals suffering from cardiac disease usually have a significant need for taurine.

Learn About Healthy Bacteria

Digestive and immune symptoms prevail in Healthy Bacteria deficiency, however, skin symptoms and vitamin deficiency symptoms may also result. The healthy bacteria are rapidly destroyed by antibiotics.

Learn About Coenzyme Q-10

Coenzyme Q-10 is a key nutrient for cellular energy transport. It catalyzes the transfer of electrons and is needed for this purpose by every cell and organ in the body. A lack of it is associated with prematuring aging and degenerative disease. The gums are an obvious region which reveal the deficiency, since a lack of this substance leads to …