Learn About Male Hormone Imbalance

For men only, this test evaluates the existence of a male hormone imbalance, which may be manifested by either excessive or diminished hormone levels. The methods for inducing a balancing in the hormone system is the similar in both instances.

Learn About Estrogen Imbalance

This test is for women only. It aids in discovering an imbalance in estrogen production and/or metabolism. The treatment for estrogen imbalance is the same for both high and low levels, because the objective is to improve nutrition and normalize metabolism.

Learn About Adrenal Collapse

The adrenal glands are organs specialized to help the body cope with stress. They also aid in the control of blood sugar, blood pressure, blood flow, and innumerable other functions. These glands are easily damaged as a result of stress, toxic chemical exposure, drug therapy, excessive alcohol/drug intake, and poor diet. When the adrenal glands malfunction, the body`s ability to …