Learn About Tuberculosis Risk

Note: this is not an attempt to diagnose TB. It is for general knowledge only to illustrate the potential risks. Nearly everyone has this germ living in his/her body. Active TB can only be diagnosed by a physician.

Learn About Liver Dysfunction

Virtually everyone is likely to suffer from at least some degree of liver dysfunction. Those who score with only a few points are indeed the rare individuals whose lifestyles are superb or whose genetics are ultra-powerful.

Learn About Chronic Viral Infestation

This self-test is a generalized grouping of symptoms and signs for educational purposes only. It is not meant as a medical diagnosis. However, the test is highly accurate for indicating the potential existence of chronic viral infestation, since chronic viral infections, regardless of the organism, are highly similar in their presentation.

Learn About Healthy Bacteria

Digestive and immune symptoms prevail in Healthy Bacteria deficiency, however, skin symptoms and vitamin deficiency symptoms may also result. The healthy bacteria are rapidly destroyed by antibiotics.

Learn About Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are required for nutrient absorption. The nutrients must be digested from the foods before they can be absorbed. In other words, a lack of enzymes may induce a wide range of nutritional deficiencies. Enzyme deficiency may also lead to swelling, infection, inflammation, and pain.