Learn About Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid may be defined as the “power vitamin”, because it is needed for maintaining the strength of the mind and body. This is why fatigue and exhaustion are such common symptoms of the deficiency. A lack of this vitamin severely impacts a wide range of tissues and cellular functions. When you take this test it is a good idea …

Learn About Yeast/Fungus Infestation

Yeasts and fungi readily infect virtually any region of the body, both in males and females. These organisms commonly cause genital infections. They are also a major cause of skin disorders as well as chronic disease.

Learn About Pesticide/Herbicide Intoxication

Everyone is contaminated with pesticide and herbicide residues. The key is to discern the degree of contamination. This test measures primarily for chronic contamination, although acute exposure may also be determinable. Pesticides/herbicides poison the nervous system and, thus, many of the symptoms are related to this system.

Learn About Mercury Intoxication

All North Americans have excessively high mercury levels in their organs. The mercury is deposited mainly in the liver, kidneys, nerves, spinal cord, and brain. Even relatively small amounts of mercury may lead to organ dysfunction. Dental amalgam is made largely from mercury, and this is the major source for chronic human poisoning.

Learn About Lead Intoxication

Chronic lead poisoning is usually difficult to diagnose. Most of the lead is deposited deep in the tissues, that is in the brain, bone, liver, and kidneys. Symptoms are usually vague and chronic disease, especially of the kidneys, liver, and brain, is common.

Learn About Intestinal Parasites

Parastic infestation is an epidemic in the Western world. Intestinal parasites are perhaps the most common type. They create a wide range of symptoms and are a major cause of chronic digestive disorders. Parasites may also invade key organs, including the brain, eyes, liver, spleen, pancreas, and lungs. No organ is immune from their attack.

Learn About Essential Fatty Acids and Lipids

The essential fatty acids are needed by every cell in the body for optimal health. Have a mirror handy when taking this test. There are numerous skin, hair, and nail manifestations of the deficiency.